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Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a technique used to help the body release pain and tension.

Myo, meaning muscle. Fascia is a web like netting that surrounds all the tissues in the body. It gives us our form and shape. Fascia surrounds muscle, organs, bone, and nerve. It is one continuous sheet that twists and folds on itself and other parts many times over. It has multiple layers like an onion. 

Fascia can become restricted, torqued, or twisted, from trauma (car accident),surgery, or poor posture. When fascia becomes less flexible it can cause tension, pressure and/ or pain on the body's structures. Restricted fascia can feel like a wet suit that didn't get pulled on straight. It might also feel like a pair of panty hose that are on, but feel like you cannot move in a straight line. 

Myofascial release uses gentle slow techniques. Fascia will resist techniques that are too quick and aggressive. Myofascial release affects many areas of the body not just a single area. Without the pull of tight fascia, muscles can lengthen and be more in balance with each other; alleviating pain, creating more comfort and mobility.

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