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I suffered a head trauma (concussion) a few years ago and experienced ongoing pressure, pain, dizziness and nausea for several months following. From my first cranio-sacral session with Pam, I began to feel relief, and with subsequent sessions I felt significant improvement in my condition such that I was able to carry out life activities comfortably. Pam is kind, sincere, sensitive, an intuitive healer and skilled therapist. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and her touch will truly transform whatever ailment you are dealing with. I recently had a recurrence of my concussion symptoms due to physical overexertion and once again received cranio-sacral treatment from Pam and felt incredible relief afterward. Pam is among the best in her field and I'm so thankful to be her client! 
--Maria ("Malena")

As a recently medically-retired military veteran, I am so grateful for God's blessing that is Pam Atkinson. As of this writing, Pam has been treating me for approx one year. In that year, I have improved in functionality and decreased pain level due to Pam's in depth knowledge of anatomy, her extensive background in many schools of cranial- sacral therapy, and her background as a dental technician. Although Pam is as technically proficient as any therapist I've ever worked with, what really sets her apart is her heart and her ability to network with other health-care providers. 

Whatever problems you have (in my case head trauma, neck and spinal pain), Pam really wants to help you. When you visit Pam, she always listens carefully, takes extensive notes (which she continuously studies to improve your care), and adjusts your care accordingly. In addition, Pam has an extensive network of health care providers (doctors, clinics, other therapists) that she will gladly lead you toward, if her data shows that they can help you. I am so glad for Pam, not only for her work, but the hope she provides for a better quality of life. 

Very Respectfully, 

--JERRY A. WEIHE, Colonel, USAF (ret)


Pam is highly skilled, very intuitive, and completely dedicated to her craft of healing support. In my 30 years of disability receiving such care intensively across five states, she is quite simply the best. And Pam encourages her clients to care for their own body/mind in a gentle meaningful way in a singular partnership of well being. 
--Wanda S. MSSW


Over the past four years Pam has treated Tina and I with various health problems such as back pain, neck pain and TMJ pain. We have improved in our health since she has worked on us. We have found Pam to be truly caring. She always has our best health interest in mind. We consider ourselves as partners with her in our health and wellness process.. If you are searching for an alternative health care practitioner, Pam is the very best in Louisville, Kentucky. 
--Eleanor and Tina


Do you need relief? Then Pam Atkinson of Kneading Relief Massage Therapy is your remedy. I make that claim both from personal experience as a recipient of her therapy and on the basis of her volunteer work with the Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries Adult Day Health Center for frail older adults. 

One Monday afternoon a month, Pam comes to the Adult Day Center and treats these older adults, many diagnosed with dementia, to sessions of massage therapy. Working with the director, nurse, and activity staff, Pam gets to know the needs of these seniors and works gently and reassuringly to provide therapy. Pam brings along a relaxation DVD to play on the large screen television and with lights dimmed creates a spa like atmosphere for this special visit. She has won praise from the ADC staff, the ADC participants, and the caregivers. 

On a personal basis, having experienced serious neck and back injuries from an auto accident at age 20, I have experienced some degree of chronic pain for over 30 years. I see a chiropractor on a regular schedule for maintenance, but used to think of massage as an indulgent luxury. At age 50 I changed my way of thinking. My work as a minister serving as the director of a non profit social services organization not only has me behind a desk sitting at the computer, but on any given day can have me unloading trucks full of canned goods, heavy bags of bulk produce, moving furniture, assisting frail older adults, or shoveling snow.. I realized if I were going to take care of others, I needed to take care of myself. For seven years now I have visited Pam on a monthly basis, sometimes more often if I have especially over worked my body. Pam combines an excellent technical knowledge of my physiology with an amazing intuitive sense of touch. Whether it is completing a full body massage, or some cranio-sacral work, or some specific body area needs, Pam, with great sensitivity, administers just the right healing touch. 

I have recommended her services to many relatives and friends, and without any reservations, wholeheartedly encourages anyone in need of therapy to contact Pam Atkinson, Kneading Relief Massage Therapy. Don't put it off another day! 

Peace & Blessings, 

Rev. Ron Loughry,
Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries

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