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TMJD is a temporomandibular joint dysfunction named for a group of symptoms that affect the jaw joints. These may include: 

Ringing in the ears 
Limited jaw openings 
Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders

Massage and CranioSacral Therapy are very effective in the relief of symptoms related to TMJD. As the muscles and fascia begin to relax and stretch, tension is decreased and pain begins to diminish. Massage and CranioSacral Therapy will enhance any therapy you are receiving from a dentist, including wearing a dental splint. Prior to practicing therapeutic bodywork, Pam worked for many years as a certified dental assistant. Through many years of working with dentists, Pam gained significant knowledge and experience working with the delicate tissues of the mouth and related structures. That experience assists in the therapeutic treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

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